Monitoring for railways industry is a specialty of our company, ranging from design, completion, assembly and professional service. For many years we gained priceless experience in monitoring: pantograph, railways, machinery, coupling and passengers carriages. Apart from standard CCTV, our systems are implemented with algorithms enabling analysis and reporting of any unexpected incidents. Fiber.camera can also secure fuel units and transmit data to Security Centre which would take appropriate measures to prevent loss.

What can we help you with:

  • Railway installation;
  • Pantograph monitoring with image analysis function (overhead wire height and stagger control);
  • Coupling monitoring;
  • Platforms monitoring;
  • Passengers carriage monitoring which enables passengers and luggage count, as well as, free seats identification;
  • Fuel-filling unit monitoring.

In case of any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our consultant. +48 81 446 51 52 

Products designed for railways


Route monitoring enables following train current location. In addition, it records sound in driver’s cabin. Fiber.camera provides you, not only with superb devices, but also support and advice how to use our cameras in the most efficient way. We specialise in locomotives: EU07, EU08, EP09, EU44, Vectron, BR232, M62, ST44, S200, TEM2, SM42, SM48, ST40s, EZT.


Pantograph camera enables video-recording of power collector and overhead contact line work.


Our camera are perfect for monitoring coupling and platforms. We offer a wide variety of equipment, and last but not least, reliable consulting.


Our systems provide security, both, for your clients and your property.

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