grain-factory-2543915_1920’s solutions for industry include intelligent visual-monitoring installations boosting security in your own company. Feel free to employ our ideas to observe products and production lines in your company, and make valuable conclusions. brand visual sensors can analyse groups of points, what enables quick and efficient sorting of items.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact our consultant: +48 81 446 51 52 

Using fibre camera for long-distance monitoring


It is a fact, that is the best system to protect large areas. It is because we use optical fibre technology, which is perfect for long-distance monitoring. There are no limits for us. With our devices you can monitor even the biggest halls and open spaces. Moreover, our cameras are resistant to any attempts of damage or electrical discharges.

Key merits of our system:

  • Resistance to electromagnetic discharges and interferences due to optical fibre technology;
  • Highest security of the transmitted data;
  • Possible long distance between cameras and recorders;
  • No need to use optical fibre convertors.

Use our cameras to analyse production for industry

Fotolia_114236410_XS devices are fully compatible with production Line, therefore it is possible to analyse products and materials and it enables its sorting or counting.

Placing cameras according to special algorithms provide complex analysis of production cycle. Every part of the production process can be supervised by our cameras and recorders. 

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