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Security without limits

FiberEasySet is a complete product perfect for applying optical fiber technology to transfer data from CCTV cameras. Our ready-to-install solutions consist of FiberRec recorder, together with up to 32 FiberCAM cameras, all connected by optical fiber wires. Optical fiber wires can reach 24 kilometers in distance and are equipped with power cables. 


Polish product quality

Polish products are renowned for their quality. Our company makes use of the latest achievements by Polish constructors and scientists, especially from our beloved city of Lublin. Optical fiber technology has changed the world, and in our opinion, it is the best solution for secure data transfers. That is why our services and products are based on the latest optical fiber research and our wide experience. 

Easy installation

Our easy-to-install set does not require any special equipment to mount the fiber optics. You can request a ready-made set with a stated length of optical fiber with a pigtail - which enables faster installation - and proceed to the system configuration. We offer advanced technical support, as well as a clear manual and easy access to our consultants via telephone. 


5 year guarantee

FiberEasySet is covered by a five-year warranty. Each and every problem, be it device or software related, is instantly solved. We have a mobile service able to solve all your problems with our products in the blink of an eye! Our solutions are the best investment for your company. 

It is impossible to bug it!

We care for your security and ability to keep your data confidential, therefore we provide advanced technology to this end - namely optical fiber.

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